A Rich Heritage

(L to R) Chester Williams, Secretary, Jack Harkins,
Q. G. McCombs 1959 Champion,

H. G. Phillips, President

         Perpetual Trophies



SSGA welcomes Bill and Kathie Johnstone, Executive Director and Director of Events. Southern Seniors are amateur golfers from throughout the U.S. who share an 88-year tradition of friendly competition and fellowship. Tournaments are played at top clubs and resorts and are filled with moments of greatness and not so greatness, and words of praise and encouragement. Members may also share reciprocal privileges at their clubs.  On the golf course and social gatherings, there is friendship and fun with a true sense of belonging.  


 "Our senior golf association stimulates our emotional and physical being. After the round we reminisce and there are always treasured memories of what we did, or almost did." 
 - Roy W. Godley, Hilton Head Island, SC  



Our Next Event

The President's Trophy at The Gasparilla Inn & Club.  Click here for information.


Introducing New Members and Sponsors

Seaborn Grist and Debbie
Panama City Beach, FL
George and Boopie McInnis

Stokes Ritchie and Linda
Charlotte, NC
Ray and Coco Killian

Skip Hamilton
Roanoke, VA
Jack and Mary Helms

Mike Sullivan and Margie
Columbus, OH
John and Marty Jacob

Kurt Grozinger and Prissy
Shreveport, LA
Steve and Nancy Walker