Tournament Results - Yearbooks

The first yearbook was published in 1949.  It named the roster of 1930-1937 and 1947-1948 champions, and noted every effort was underway to identify 1938-1947 except for the war years when no tournaments were held. 

In the 1950s yearbooks expanded to include membership rolls, bylaws and photographs. These are treasured archives as they feature the officers and founders of our organization.

Yearbooks in the 1960s featured participants and ladies champions as well as tournament winners. Color photos appeared in 1974 and Art Lavidge's popular history, "It All Began in 1930", was first published in 1990.

The last yearbook to be printed was 2004.  Beginning in 2005 more extensive photo albums were published online.  Since 2010 the membership roster has been available in the Members Area and members also have the option to receive a printed directory by mail each spring. 

We hope you will enjoy a glimpse of our history in print along with photos of Southern Seniors today.